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Zoo-Zoom's E.A.R Exotic Animal Rescue

As sure as the sun comes up in the morning and sets at night we know there is a need for what we do. We take in and provide a safe haven for the exotic animals in our midst that no longer have a place in peoples lives....


 Zoo-Zoom's E.A.R

     Exotic Animal Rescue


"We certainly have been seeing our fair share of animals in need of long term care" says Zoo-Zoom's Brett Matte.    They have provided a home to over 37 exotic animals in the past week, inc. Sugar Gliders, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla & a ferret.   36 of these from New Orleans evacuation areas. 

How many more there are?,  nobody knows, how many lives were taken by this great wall of water?, nobody will ever really know...




    Teach, Inspire, Conserve



You better be nice to your pets !


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